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Two years ago, I was introduced to FON’s Biochar by a long-time friend. I was already growing cannabis with 100% organic homemade soil and compost, complementing with earthworm castings and other dry amendments, depending on cultivars. I had only a very limited amount of biochar to start with. I wasn't too sure how much to use so I did a test on one plant only. I added 3 liters of biochar to one of my 90 liters textile pots. I had one more liter in powder form, which I decided to keep it for later use in aerated compost teas. 

The fabric pot with extracts and biochar was transplanted with a cannabis plant on July 2nd, along with others without, used as control. Seven days later, I could see there was a difference between the plant with biochar vs the others. Some plants looked stunted due transplant shock but not the one with biochar in soil. As a matter of fact it looked more healthy and vigorous then the rest of my garden. I was impressed by the fast growth and positive reaction just after transplant, she was now my biggest plant. 
I decided to add 1/ 4 cup of the powdered biochar to my usual compost tea recipe and water all my plants with it. Within 3 days, after watering all my plants with biochar compost tea, all were showing a lot of new growth. After 30 days using the biochar in my compost tea, I was running out of room in my green house. This has never happened before, it was the first time in 5 years that I experienced such a growth explosion in that location. I have use compost tea before but never added biochar to it. The cannabis plant with the biochar added to the soil was my biggest plant that year. None of my plants where touched by bugs that year which was a first for me. 

All pots and raised beds were only watered once a week with aerated compost tea and water, from June to late October.


I now use FON products in all my gardening projects, it was a game changer for my 2017 grow season. 

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