Seaweeds liquid extracts provide beneficial nutrients and amendments for plants. The role played by seaweed in plant growth is far superior to that of fertilizers. Seaweed extract can modulate and regulate plant gene systems, helping crops grow bigger and faster, while improving their resistance to environmental stresses. Seaweed accomplishes this through biostimulation. Biostimulants increase growth and development in microorganisms in three ways:


  1. Assisting in Nutrition Deficiency: by drawing nutrients straight from its environment and assimilating them.

  2. Increased Tolerance: helps increase a crop’s tolerance to both environmental and abiotic stresses like drought and cold.

  3. Quality and Yield: plants are healthier, the yield size increases, and growth time is reduced.


With over 60 trace elements, seaweed extracts increases plant health while improving the quality of cannabis crops. In addition to minerals, seaweed is loaded with some of the finest bio-stimulants currently on the market, including:

  • Amino acids; which aid in the uptake of minerals.

  • Manitol and other sugars; which chelate trace elements and energize beneficial microorganisms.

  • Betaines; which stimulate chlorophyll production and aid in stress resistance.

  • B-vitamins; which increase cellular metabolism and activate the plant’s natural defense system.

  • Natural Growth Hormones; which stimulate seed germination, root growth, lateral bud development and earlier fruiting and flowering.


Seaweed extracts are sources of auxines, cytokinins, betaines and other complex polysaccharides that are absorbed and metabolized by plant cells. Cytokinins are able to increase plant cell divisions (ie growth), betaines confer stress resistance and complex nitrogen-containing sugars in seaweed (mucopolysaccharides) feed beneficial soil microbes. Cytokinins are known as the “stay green” hormone because they prevent chlorophyll breakdown and leaf senescence.


FON selected Laminaria, a kelp that finds its place in the brown algae family, for its higher phytohormones concentration. Our kelp is harvested in the cold, clean waters of the Atlantic ocean and processed at low temperatures so the heat-sensitive vitamins, minerals and enzymes remain intact. 


Recent studies reveal that frequent applications of seaweed extract during the growing season increase crop yield and quality. For example tomato plants grew 20% taller and had a 56% increase in yield after seaweed extract was applied.We are the first to measure auxine level concentration as a quality control method. The auxines concentration in our extract is 26% higher than a leading manufacturer. Our cytokinines is over 500%.

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