North Atlantic Ocean premium liquid seaweed extract enriched with biochar

Smart organic growing solutions for cannabis

Safe Organic Products

The cannabis sector is attentively responding to the rapidly increasing demands of consumers for safe organic products, especially given the risks of newly discovered conditions harming pot smokers. Whether a crop can be certified organic or has been exposed to pesticides is becoming an important topic. The demand for all-organic or pesticide-free growing solutions is increasing.  

Beneficial Nutrients

Liquid extracts from seaweeds provide beneficial nutrients and amendments for plants. Cannabis growers should use FON’s premium liquid seaweed extract during every fertigation event, as a soil-applied supplement for better plant health and quality.

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FON is an eco-friendly producer of biostimulants, smart fertilizers and organic growing mediums that combine seaweeds extracts, biochar and microbial solutions to promote plant growth and quality for organic agriculture.  We have developed innovative ecological processes, using all renewable resources. 

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